Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Heritage

Everybody has a heritage! On Thursday at Summer Day Camp the kids had a special surprise. United Way of Utah County and Summer of Service Volunteers came and helped our youth celebrate Pioneer Day by learning a little more about the history of Utah and the story of the pioneers. To make the day even more special, we decided to discover our own personal heritage by talking about what countries and states we have come from and celebrating our diversity. The kids brought items that represent their past and some even brought tasty dishes from their countries to share with everyone! Between games and art projects the kids were having fun the whole day, and we finished it off with a delicious BBQ.

Thank you for making this day enjoyable and educational for everyone!

Starla shares a story about her great grandfather during "Show and Tell" time.

We learned and played a classic pioneer game called "The Stick Pull". The kids had a blast

trying to be the strongest!

Ceviche, enchiladas, rice, and deviled eggs are just some of the yummy dishes families brought to share along with the hot dogs and cookies!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Day Camp!

Summer Day Camp has been a huge success for the past few weeks! With themed days like music day, water day, sports day, etc., both kids and volunteers are having a blast. We still need more volunteers so sign up and bring your friends!!! Click here to see the schedule for the camp and sign up for specific days and click here to enter your contact info.

Lined up for the water balloon toss on water day!

Reading during lunch time!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Outdoor Movie Nights!

Last Tuesday we had our first outdoor movie night of the summer! A large group of children, youth and parents had a great time watching the movie "Up" as a community. Our outdoor movie nights will be a weekly occurrence on the field at the Boulders Apartments (750 S 650 W). Come bring your friends and join the fun!

Movie night schedule for the rest of the summer is coming soon...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vegetables are NOT gross!

You won’t think they're gross anymore after coming to the Nutrition Class at the South Franklin Community Center! Raven and Angela work with the Food $ense Program and the Utah State University Extension to provide this free class at the center. This summer with the program “Viva Vegetables”, they are going to talk all about how to make poor, misunderstood vegetables TASTY! June was all about Peas. On the first day Angela taught the importance of eating vegetables and the good they do for our body. Then she taught the kids how to make a delicious dish. It was a hit! Click here for the recipe. The next day Raven showed us how to be healthy and exercise while having fun, then made a tasty cottage cheese and chives dip for snap peas.
Don’t miss next month which will be all about green beans. Oh yeah!

Angela had a very captive audience the whole night. Everyone wanted to know how to make peas taste good.

The finished product!

Raven's cottage cheese dip was a success for adults and kids.

Exercising is an important part of being healthy! We played a fun relay game where we had to run with a balloon in between our knees and pass it to our teammate.