Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Camp: Closing Social

Day Camp has come to a close for Summer 2011!  To celebrate, a closing social was held at the community center this afternoon.  Following a delicious potluck lunch served outside in shade of the trees, campers and their families were treated to a slideshow and special program in the community center.

After the slideshow, several campers from each group shared their favorite part of day camp.  The younger group treated the rest of the campers and audience to a dance set to Taio Cruz’s song “Dynamite.”

Summer Camp 2011 was a great success.  Special thanks to our volunteers who made our camp possible and to our staff members for their support.

If you missed any of our reports from camp, be sure to check the archives.  Visit our Facebook page for more pictures.

See you next summer!

Photos by Mark Hartman

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Camp: Museum of Peoples and Cultures

With Day Camp coming to a close at the end of this week, the campers had time for one final field trip, this time to the Museum of Peoples and Cultures at BYU.  The museum started as part of BYU’s Department of Archaeology in the 1960s, becoming an official museum in 1981.

Today’s visit began with a lecture by one of the museum staff members about the Fremont people who lived in this part of Utah more than a thousand years ago.  Campers were shown various artifacts, and given a demonstration on telling a story based on archaeological evidence.  After the demonstration, the campers had a chance to put what they had learned to the test.

Outside the museum is a sand pit with buried artifacts.  After a brief safety lecture and some instruction, the campers were let loose to see what they could find.

Once they had discovered their arrowhead and beads, the campers made necklaces from their discoveries.

Thanks to the Museum of Peoples and Cultures staff for a fun and educational trip.  To learn more about the museum, visit their web site.  As always, thanks to Utah Valley Paratransit and our volunteers, without whom these trips would not be possible.

Photos by Mark Hartman

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Camp: Hike Day

Day Camp tries to give children of the South Franklin community an opportunity to experience things that they might not otherwise have the chance to do.  Last week, the campers traveled to Rock Canyon for Hike Day.

After arriving at the entrance to Rock Canyon, the campers had a safety lecture.  Once the lecture was finished, the campers split into groups and went on their way up the canyon.  Along the way they learned about nature and health.

Thanks to Utah Valley Paratransit for providing transportation and to our volunteers for giving their time and energy to make these field trips a success!

Photos by Noelle Olivette

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Camp: Provo Library

Day Camp’s educational field trips continued last week with a visit to the Provo Library, specifically the George and Delores DorĂ© Eccles Children’s Library in the Old Wing.  Campers had the opportunity to take a tour of library facilities, learn how to get a library card, and have some fun in the Children’s Program room.

After entering the program room, campers were informed of the goal for the day: build a bobblehead!  For those who aren’t familiar, a bobblehead is a doll with an oversized, moveable head on a spring.  When you tap the head, it “bobbles” back and forth, giving the doll its name.  A traditional bobblehead would be too complicated, so children’s program participants built theirs out of clay and pipe cleaners.

Some campers decided not to make a bobblehead but to let their creativity flow.

Thanks to the Provo Library Children’s Program for letting us visit and to Utah Valley Paratransit for the ride to the library.  As always thanks to our volunteers!

Photos by Mark Hartman

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Camp: Provo Rehab and Nursing

Day Camp ended for the week with the second field trip of the year, a visit to Provo Rehab and Nursing, a 24-hour care facility.  Today’s trip taught the campers about serving others and having fun.

The trip started off with the campers splitting into groups to prepare games to play with the residents in the courtyard of the facility.   Each group was in charge of a specific game, including ring toss, mini golf, and a cupcake walk.  Campers also had a chance to interact on a personal level with the residents, whether it was helping them with the games or just visiting with them.  One resident played a housekeeper in the Sound of Music, the 1965 film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer!

At the end of the visit, the campers and residents thanked each other, and some campers helped the residents back to their rooms.

Thanks to Utah Valley Paratransit for the transportation, to our volunteers for helping with camp, and to Provo Rehab and Nursing for a wonderful visit!  

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Photos by Mark Hartman

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Camp: Teamwork Field Day

Day Campers continued their summer of learning and fun at Tuesday’s combined field day.  The special guest was U.S. Army Lieutenant Dane Sawyer who came to camp to teach about teamwork and discipline.  Lt. Sawyer demonstrated the proper way to do push-ups, and helped the campers understand why discipline and teamwork were important in the Army.  

Following his presentation, the campers split into teams and prepared for a day of field games.

The outdoor portion started with some stretching and instruction, after which the games began! First up was a pushup and situp competition, followed by a relay race, an obstacle course, and a three-legged race.

While the day was exhausting, the campers loved it and repeatedly asked for another day like this in the future.  Thanks to Lt. Sawyer, our staffers, and our volunteers for their help in making this day possible!

For more photos from Teamwork Field Day, be sure to visit our Facebook page.

Photos by Mark Hartman