Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great After School Volunteer Opportunity

This past month at the Community Center has been a great success with After School Open Hours! Our goal is to create a safe and fun environment for the children in the neighborhood when they return home from school, and volunteers are making that happen. After school hours offers the kids a chance to receive mentoring and tutoring, participate in music lessons, sports and many other activities which they may not have at home.

Volunteers and kids showing off their soccer skills

We are still looking for more volunteers to help out. After hours are everyday (Monday-Friday) from 3 to 5 p.m. The kids have so much fun interacting with the volunteers and the volunteers have fun too!

It's never too late to help out with open hours! Send us an email to to get more info.

Thank you to all the great volunteers who have helped so far!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soccer season is approaching!

Soccer season is approaching and everyone around the community center is excited! The South Franklin Soccer League is a program designed to bring neighbors together while providing opportunities for local families who can’t afford to participate in a traditional league. The league is completely run by volunteers and most of the coaches and refs are university students. Both kids and coaches have a blast as the kids get the chance to interact with positive influences and form lasting friendships with their coaches. The first season in spring 2009 started with about 60 kids and ended with about 80 kids. The next season, fall 2009, started with about 80 kids and ended with about 160 kids! We are now starting our spring 2010 season and anticipate a large turnout. So far the program has been a huge success!

If you want to volunteer or sponsor a team call Rachel - 801-691-6361 or email: (it costs $100.00 dollars to sponsor a team for the season).

Volunteer coaches Janae and Miguel pose with their team after a victorious game!

A team huddles together to do their team cheer during half-time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lots of Love to Go Around: Volunteers Threw a Fun-filled Valentine's Day Party!

Last weekend a group of great volunteers threw a Valentine's Day party for the children in our neighborhood. It was a huge success! Kids enjoyed everything from finger nail painting (red or pink of course) to making licorice candy necklaces.

Natalie, one of the volunteers, helped the kids make licorice necklaces

Fingernail painting: Boys can do it too!

Many kids showed up excited to celebrate this holiday of love. The volunteers planned not only crafts, but also Valentine's Day themed games.

Limbo was a popular favorite of the party

The volunteers were great at interacting with the kids. They had tons of fun playing bingo, musical hearts and many more activities!

Anthony with his 'love bug'

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave of their time to make this activity possible! The children really enjoyed having you here! Thanks so much!

The amazing volunteers!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help Celebrate Valentine's Day!

Valentines, candy, hearts, secret admirers, what's not to love about Valentine's Day? This February 13th, volunteers are putting on a Valentine's Day party at the South Franklin Community Center. More volunteers are needed to help with the activities of the day. There will be Valentine's Day games, cookies and more holiday activities.

Event details: February 13th 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the South Franklin Community Center (750 S 650 W Provo behind the leasing office)

For more information, email us at

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Chance to Learn about Continuing Education

Last Saturday we had an amazing scholarship event presented by the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting from Brigham Young University. The community center was filled with parents and teenagers interested in learning more about how to continue their education after high school as well as the scholarships and financial aid that are available for young Latinos. Parents were able to express their concerns about how to help their children reach their potential and succeed in their education. The BYU students were well prepared and were able to answer many questions and concerns that parents had.

Many of the parents are very passionate about th
eir children attending college or an university but they are concerned about finding a way for to pay for high price of education. Families expressed their gratitude for events like this. It keeps them looking forward with a little just a little more hope for the future!

Thank you BYU Association of Latino Professionals in the Finance and Accounting Programs!

We had a good turn out from the community!

BYU students instruct the families

It was an informative day for everyone

After the meeting many parents approached the BYU students to express personal concerns and ask questions. Thanks to these BYU students the event was a huge success!