Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

After the soccer games this past Saturday the Welch family from Heber put on an amazing St. Patrick's Day party at the community center. They decorated the whole center with green streamers, gold coins, shamrocks and leprechauns and came prepared with a variety of fun games including musical shamrocks, hot potato, tossing bean bags of "gold coins" into a black cauldron and more. The kids were all very engaged and had a blast. They made shamrock necklaces, did shamrock mazes and even decorated shamrock shaped cupcakes. Everyone left with prizes, treats and smiles. A huge thank you to the Welch family and their friends for creating such a memorable experience for the kids in our neighborhood!

St. Patrick's Day coloring!

Decorating shamrock cupcakes!

Thank you, Welch Family!

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