Monday, May 24, 2010

From the Mouths of Volunteers

Miguel Teixeira, one of our soccer coaches shared his experiences coaching a team this past soccer season.

“…Most of my endeavors in the world of service were honestly motivated by partially self-centered reasons such as wanting to being accepted to medical school or fulfilling my family and church duties. I wanted to be fully involved in a service project where I felt I would not gain anything –to do service for the pure joy of service. Coaching for the South Franklin Soccer League was obviously distant enough from my personal interests that I thought this would let me experience the power of service without having ulterior motives. Ironically, I discovered that it is impossible to give and serve without receiving more…I joined the South Franklin Soccer League as a coach for a team in the 12-15 year-old division…My goal was not so much providing children with soccer skills, but rather giving them good role models and somewhere to go after school where they are less prone to get in trouble. I taught my players teamwork, patience, respect and fair play...The program further tried to involve parents, thereby building relationships and trust within the community…I was initially hesitant in participating, but found the community center a haven full of friendly people participating in sports. I quickly recognized how appreciative the community has been about the soccer program, evidenced by the high attendance of both children and their families.”

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