Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Reading Program...How I Became a Pirate!!!

We have been having some serious excitement in the Summer Reading Program at the Community Center. The readers have been working hard, and a few will be earning their Wendy's Frosty very soon, as they each hit the five-hour reading mark. This last week we read the book How I Became a Pirate to get into the piratey mood. After that, we ventured out on a scavenger hunt in search of the pirate booty! Everyone got involved and we had a ton of fun!!!

Cheyenne Jones
Summer Reading Program Coordinator

Our amazing volunteer Tyrell reading the hilarious Captain Underpants with Jose and Javier!

The kids trying hard to figure out the clues that will take them to the pirates' hidden treasure.

The kids found the treasure after searching long and hard. We have all been promoted to the ranks of professional pirates...ARGGG MATEY!!!

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