Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Play us a song you're the Piano Man"...and Woman...and Children

This fall we have had TONS of new classes start up at the Community Center. Here are a few pictures from our new Piano class, taught by Angela and Devin. Both of our teachers have been playing piano since they were little, and are well-qualified and very talented! Each week community members come and learn the basics of piano, and we look forward to seeing a performance at the end of this year.
For those of you who don’t remember how the community center got the piano (and for those of you who do remember) here is the article that will refresh your memory of the touching story:
The piano has been put to very good use, and not only during the piano class. All the kids who come into the community center can’t help but play a little tune or pound on the keys when they see it not being played!

This is Devin.
This is Angela.

Angela played a fun game to start of the class. She would play a note on the piano, then whoever had the blind fold on had to try and play the same note. This kind of activity will help the students with pitch and key recognition.

We are so appreciative of all our volunteers and donors who make the community center classes and events possible!  Thank you Angela and Devin!

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