Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking for volunteers!!

We are going to be starting open hours Monday through Friday, 3-5pm beginning January. This is a chance to be a mentor for the kids in the neighborhood who come to the Community Center to have fun. The children can study, do homework, play games, or just be social. If you can help during these hours, or for one hour a week, or one hour a month, we'd appreciate it. This is a great volunteer opportunity if you need hours for your school semester or if you want to help out in your community.

If you are interested you can sign yourself up by going to our google doc at:
(There are 2 sheets; first tab is for "contact info", the other tab is "calendar" for you to sign up for available days. Tabs are located at the bottom bar of the page. Please, don't forget to fill out both sheets)

If you have any questions contact Kim Cruz at 801-691-5338 or email

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