Thursday, March 17, 2011

Relief is on the way

During the past few days, it seems like the world has been bombarded with bad news. Difficult situations are happening internationally, as well as locally. As I was feeling bogged down with recent events this morning, I was touched to see the great response from members of the community and members around the world.
When the Boulders Apartments in Provo were struck with tragedy last night, we were grateful for the local Red Cross, who were on the scene quickly. They helped set-up a temporary shelter and make sure all community members were ok. When a local disaster occurred, they speedily responded and provided relief.
I have also been impressed with the different organizations, including the Red Cross, who have helped with the tsunami recovery in Japan. Individuals throughout the world are looking for places to donate and ways to help with relief efforts. If you are interested in helping tsunami victims in Japan, visit the InterAction site for a list of organizations. If you are interested in helping with disasters in Utah, talk to the Red Cross.  It’s truly amazing to see that during a crisis, community members will step up to provide the relief that’s needed.
Written by Carrie Toolson of United Way of Utah County

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