Monday, August 15, 2011

Teen Adventures

Becca, an AmeriCorps member with United Way of Utah County, has spent almost 300 hours at South Franklin Community Center this summer running Open Hours, refereeing soccer games, and putting together activities for the neighborhood youth. She wanted to share a few thoughts and memories from her interactions with the teenagers.

I have a blast when the teens come to soccer, girls’ night or whatever activity we may be doing at the time.  Although we’ve only had a few teens show up to soccer, it’s to still fun to play Meta el Gol and just get to know each other better.  Girls’ night was really fun!  I brought my fingernail polish that changes color in the sun and we had a blast watching it work.  


At the Bonfire Night we had tons of fun, but it wasn’t the fun I was expecting:  We drove up to South Fork Park just to find out that no open fires were allowed, so we played games the whole night!  We played Dynamite, which is played with a Nerf football, practically the whole time! After awhile another group cleared the field to play Ultimate Frisbee and they told us we could play with them if we wanted to.  We decided to go with it!  Those people were a blast to play with!  Then when it started to get dark we played some soccer with another group of people.  I’d say we made the best night we could without a bonfire.  

I have fun hanging out with the teens and so do the other AmeriCorps volunteers like Lindsey and Dallin.  I hope the teens have had as much fun as I have, and more.  I wish them the best in their life goals and I know they can reach them.

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