Thursday, September 1, 2011

Parental Gratitude

The soccer league is not just for kids to come and get their wiggles out. Parents are there every Saturday to watch and cheer on their kids. We appreciate parent involvement and support in the league because without them we wouldn't have a league.

Last Saturday we were scheduled to have a game at 9am for the 8-10 year old's at the Boulders field. When 9 o'clock rolled around there were two teams on the field warmed up, and ready to start playing. However, there were no referees to enforce the rules.  That's when I noticed three gentlemen/parents standing right outside the midfield line. These parents are there every week running up and down the side lines shouting tips to the players. I asked if they had referee experience. None of them did, but they knew the game just as well if not better than anyone else. All three gentlemen agreed to volunteer as referees for the game. On rare occasions do we have three refs at one game. This game was ideal for players because we were able to have two sideline refs and one on the field. I was so grateful to have parents there so early in the morning to help us with the soccer league. A big shout out to all the parents who are at our fields every weekend giving moral support to their children. Thank you!

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