Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Musical Melodies

The volunteers here at South Franklin are true heroes, who love to work with the children and people in the community. Rachel who is one of our piano teachers is a great example of a dedicated volunteer. 
 Rachel is a freshman at BYU who is a Pre-Music Education major who loves music and is excited to share her talents and love of music with those who come to the Community Center. Rachel first heard about this opportunity to teach at the Service Fair during New Student Orientation at the beginning of this Fall Semester.     
"I wanted to volunteer at the Community Center because, back home in New York, I spent most of my past two summers volunteering or working as a counselor at the Waterman Conservation Education Center, where I worked with kids. I really enjoyed this experience and figured that I would get a similar one from volunteering at South Franklin. Also, I am a Pre-Music Education Major at BYU, so giving the kids piano lessons is good teaching experience for me."
"Also, I had a great teacher back in NY, from whom I received free voice lessons. Through these lessons, I truly began to love music and I know that piano lessons are expensive, so I hope to influence these kids to love music and just have a great experience, just as my teacher did for me." 

Thank you to Rachel and all of our great volunteers, you are the heart and soul of this community center and we appreciate all the time and dedication you put into making it run! 

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