Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Come Support Homework Heroes @ Pizza Pie Cafe

 Recently, we’ve highlighted a few of the volunteers at the South Franklin Community Center. Ryan Nitta, a UVU student studying Spanish, is another one of our fabulous volunteers.Ryan heads up the activities for the Homework Heroes program. Every Friday, any of the kids that came in to get help from on their homework during the week, get to go do an awesome activity with Ryan.


 So far, students have played games and had treats. But then Ryan had an idea. 
 “I had asked around for donations for snacks, but I felt like, it’s always so dependent on another person,” said Ryan. “I thought we could create more of an environment that’s better suited for the success of the kids."

Ryan thought, with a little help, Homework Heroes could really have some stellar events.  So Ryan has worked out a fundraiser with Pizza Pie Café in Provo in order to raise money for activities for Friday’s Hero’s. Ryan says this way the kids can really be rewarded for their hard work during the week.

Here’s how the fundraiser will work:
You of course!
Pizza Pie Café in Provo (Google Maps) will donate 25% of all their revenue for 3 days to the Homework Hero’s Club.
Pizza Pie Café in Provo: 2235 North University Parkway
November 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
1. Call Ryan (714-393-2824) he will get you as many cards as you want.
2. Go eat lunch or dinner at the delicious, all-you-can eat Pizza Pie Café in Provo 
(You’re eating that day anyway, right?)
3. Give them the card when you pay for your meal.
That’s it! We'll see you there!

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