Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Chance to Learn about Continuing Education

Last Saturday we had an amazing scholarship event presented by the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting from Brigham Young University. The community center was filled with parents and teenagers interested in learning more about how to continue their education after high school as well as the scholarships and financial aid that are available for young Latinos. Parents were able to express their concerns about how to help their children reach their potential and succeed in their education. The BYU students were well prepared and were able to answer many questions and concerns that parents had.

Many of the parents are very passionate about th
eir children attending college or an university but they are concerned about finding a way for to pay for high price of education. Families expressed their gratitude for events like this. It keeps them looking forward with a little just a little more hope for the future!

Thank you BYU Association of Latino Professionals in the Finance and Accounting Programs!

We had a good turn out from the community!

BYU students instruct the families

It was an informative day for everyone

After the meeting many parents approached the BYU students to express personal concerns and ask questions. Thanks to these BYU students the event was a huge success!

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