Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soccer season is approaching!

Soccer season is approaching and everyone around the community center is excited! The South Franklin Soccer League is a program designed to bring neighbors together while providing opportunities for local families who can’t afford to participate in a traditional league. The league is completely run by volunteers and most of the coaches and refs are university students. Both kids and coaches have a blast as the kids get the chance to interact with positive influences and form lasting friendships with their coaches. The first season in spring 2009 started with about 60 kids and ended with about 80 kids. The next season, fall 2009, started with about 80 kids and ended with about 160 kids! We are now starting our spring 2010 season and anticipate a large turnout. So far the program has been a huge success!

If you want to volunteer or sponsor a team call Rachel - 801-691-6361 or email: (it costs $100.00 dollars to sponsor a team for the season).

Volunteer coaches Janae and Miguel pose with their team after a victorious game!

A team huddles together to do their team cheer during half-time.

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