Thursday, April 15, 2010

From the Mouth of Volunteers

Elissa Martin is a regular with the community center as an After School Open Hours volunteer. Here is a story she shared with us about her experience at the center, and we want to share it with you:

"As a volunteer for open hours I'm lucky to be able to do a variety of activities with the kids that come into the community center after school. One of my very favorite moments was the day I first sat down at the piano with Rosario. In about a half hour, I had taught her to play “Heart and Soul”. She is so smart, and I could obviously tell she loved learning how to play it. The next week I came back, she had completely polished it and could play it perfectly. We sat down and played the whole duet together. Rosario even told me how she had played it for her music teacher at school and how impressed her teacher was. I was so proud of her! She had practiced and worked hard to accomplish something special. I think it's so cool that the community center offers these kids a chance to not just play but to learn as well".
-Elissa Martin
Stellar volunteers like Elissa make a difference every day with the people they serve in the South Franklin Community. Thank you!

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