Thursday, April 29, 2010

From the Mouths of Volunteers

One of our soccer coaches, Michelle Rubio, shared her volunteering experiences with us earlier in the spring soccer season:

Every practice and game I tell them to be happy with whatever position they receive and give it their all. I guess you could say our unofficial motto is play your best. My team has noticed during games other kids smack talking, but they refuse to answer back in a degrading way. Their responses always are "we're going to play our best" or "we're going to win because we'll play our best." I really enjoyed seeing this change and improvement.

Jesse, who was on my team last year, was somewhat distracted in practices with influences from other teammates. However, once I made him team captain and motivated him to be a leader, he changed his whole attitude. He has proudly led his team in laps, stretching and constant feedback. It's been so lovely to see the change in him.

My team has improved and boosted their confidence just by playing their best and believing in each other. Some days they have a harder time believing that, but when they collaborate they are the best team ever!

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