Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Camp: Living Legends

Week 2 of Day Camp started Monday when campers met with some special visitors as members of BYU’s Living Legends came to perform for a combined day camp session.  Living Legends is a performing arts group from the School of Music at BYU which celebrates the music and dance traditions of Native Americans, Latin Americans, and the peoples of the islands of the South Pacific.  Each individual performance represented a different native people or location, including the Hoop Dance from New Mexico and another dance from Tahiti.  After the performers completed their program, there was a short Question & Answer session with the campers. 

Thanks to Jared, Amber, and Sam from Living Legends for performing for Day Camp, and special thanks to our volunteers for helping out.  It's not too late to volunteer! Visit our Google Doc signup sheet for more information.

Photos by Mark Hartman

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