Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making Provo the Happiest Place on Earth

On Saturday we had an Open House at the South Franklin Community Center, to celebrate the opportunities we now have to learn about technology. The Community Leaders Program (CLP) of Provo offers help with all of our questions about computers, the internet, and technology at three different locations in Provo. 

Fortunately for us, one of their locations is the South Franklin Community Center. The Community Leaders, Mac, Michelle, Steve, and Geoff have been working with South Franklin Community Center (SFCC) neighbors on Chromebooks (laptops) for several months now. If you didn't already know, Monday-Thursday from 5:00-6:30 YOU can go to the SFCC and use a computer and internet, AND have an expert there to help you if you have any questions. 

Our very first guest, Peggy, had never been in the SFCC before but our best friend April invited her to come. Peggy used a Chromebook for the first time, and she even got to chat with Mayor John Curtis for awhile. 

Michelle, Peggy, and Mayor Curtis 

One of our best friends, April, hops on one of the SFCC's Chromebooks to check her email. 

In addition to our new friend Peggy, around 70 other people joined us at the Open House. Some, like Peggy, had never visited us before, but many others are old friends. Everyone was able to learn more about our programs, sign-up for classes, use the computers, meet new people, and eat some yummy food. 

I enjoyed talking to Alma and her family, because although I see her often, it is rare that we get the chance to sit down and have a conversation. I also loved to see our faithful supporters and community movers and shakers, Joan and Josy, who I can count on for anything. Lastly, the three musketeers Ernesto, Antonio, and Fernando expertly navigated the computer, but know they can always learn more from their friend Steve. 

Alma's husband, Jose, said something that has stuck with me all weekend. We could relate to one another, because we had both moved to Utah from Arizona. We spoke of the differences between the two states, how one was clearly hotter than the other, how long we had lived there, and so forth. But he told me he loves Provo and plans to stay here because it is a great place to raise his family. I certainly agree with Jose and it is my work and my hope that the South Franklin Community Center contributes to his family's happiness and success. 

In my mind, the equation is simple:  happiness= community. 
Community includes all we need, family, friends, neighbors, resources, opportunities, and more. 
As promoters of a better community, you could say that myself, the South Franklin Community Center, United Way of Utah County, and the Community Leaders Program are working to make Provo the happiest place on earth. 

Your friend, 

Alma and her adorable son enjoy some delicious fruit before they explore what the CLP program has to offer.  

Two of the SFCC's most dedicated supporters enjoy breakfast together. Thanks Joan and Josy for all you have done and will continue to do for the community. 
Ernesto, Antonio, and Fernando enjoy hanging out with their mentor Steve, who taught them how to find new, fun (but educational) games online. 

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