Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The New Intern

Hello everybody my name is Dania and I am the new intern at United Way. I first got involved with United Way by being a coach with the South Franklin Soccer League. I loved it! Playing with kids, becoming friends, speaking Spanish, and of course playing soccer. It was great letting the kids know how much we cared about them and their success. Every soccer game I would get a little too excited cheering my team on, hoping to get them and their parents just as excited about the game as I was. Seeing my kids around the community center, now as an intern, is so great! Especially when hearing, "Hey do you remember me? You were my coach! Remember we won the final it was awesome!" Comments like this just bring a big smile to my face.

After the season finished, I had found out about the nonprofit minor and decided to make a career of what I love doing the most, giving service. It was a hard process in the beginning because as a senior I was supposed to graduate in April, but I was fortunate enough to be granted to fulfill this minor. I began my internship with United Way January 28th and I plan to work with them for an entire year. As a Hispanic, I have always looked for opportunities where I can specifically serve mi gente and South Franklin was that opportunity I was looking for to make a greater impact.  This past month and few weeks have been such a great experience, I have learned of all the great resources United Way has for Utah County and the love they have for the community. As an intern I will now be in charge of organizing the soccer league and be able to work behind the scenes and make this fun project happen for these kids.

Helping the Hispanic and greater community has always been something that I have been passionate about. As a first generation Mexican American I have seen the struggles my parents have faced moving to the states. My dad, a top engineer in Mexico, had to start at the lowest position because he didn't speak the English language. Its been over ten years and my dad has finally reached a decent position as an engineer and has been able to provide for a family of 7. As I have grown up and seen my family come out of their struggles with so many limitations they faced I want to help others come out of their struggles and give them the hope and resources they need to succeed as well.

I am excited to be a part of this organization and LIVE UNITED.

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