Monday, June 23, 2014

Google Gives Us a Makeover!

 On Friday June 13th, Google lent a hand to the South Franklin Community Center, a project of United Way of Utah County.

As part of their service project, 18 Google Team Members worked for over 5 hours to beautify the South Franklin Community Center (SFCC).

We would like to thank Google for their generosity in completing this three-part project.

Part 1: Landscape the Front of the SFCC. This new landscaping is not only gorgeous, but will also make maintenance easier.

Part 2: Install a Drip Irrigation System. This system was a whole lot of work to install. Thanks to Google, this project that we have had on our wish list since the building opened can now be checked off. We also now have to spend less time dragging out the hose and watering our garden, because this drip system is timed automatically! Better yet, each plant receives tender loving care from this customized system.  

Part 3:  Clear the Weeds! The weeds had overtaken the SFCC, and thanks to Google we now have re-gained control of the community center.


Here are a few more fun photos from this past Friday.

Before and After Pictures

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