Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Success Stories at SFCC!

There are some wonderful things happening at the South Franklin Community Center! We offer a variety of classes for all ages. Our programs are making positive impacts on the participants and here are a few success stories from our program directors of the teen and tutoring programs.   

Boys and Girls Club Teen Program

“We have a member of our club who started coming to get his grades up. He went from a GPA of 1.2 to a GPA of 3.0. It was a huge accomplishment for him! Every time he comes in, he's excited and ready to do his homework. It just goes to show that one success after another can keep you motivated in continuing to do well.” 

A student being tutored.

“We have another student who has had some behavioral issues and it seemed to be starting at home. His friends would talk about how his parents don't care if he behaves badly and things like that. We started changing some things around in the club to see if he can somehow start behaving. As a staff we started enforcing the rules in a caring manner and we definitely started seeing some changes. I don't know if he sees how much he's changed but we can definitely see a change. If the members of our club know how much we care about their success it helps them want to be better people.” 

Tutoring (Elementary)

“We've seen some great progress in our After-School Programming this year! Many of our students have shown increased desire to read more and better ability with their math facts. Recently, we had a friendly competition where our students had to correctly say their times tables. Each of them tried very hard and those who were able to finish got a cake and some ice cream from our dear volunteer Bonnie! It was a very exciting time!” 

“One of our students, who struggled with reading comprehension in school, has shown great improvement from coming to tutoring. Ever since they started reading with a tutor on a daily basis, they are enjoying the time they have to read! It's exciting for us and we love seeing the gains they are making.”

A student reading with a tutor.

“Homework is being done, books are being read and math facts are being memorized!! It's a great time to come to tutoring at the South Franklin Community Center!”

We would love to see you at our programs! The Boys and Girls Club Teen Program is every Monday-Friday from 3-5 pm and the Tutoring program is every Monday-Thursday from 3:30-5 pm. Look at our calendar for additional program information.  

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