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Written by Faith Ralphs.

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You walk into your home after a busy day.  It's 5 p.m. and everyone in your house looks to you and asks, "What's for dinner?"  You don't know.  The cupboards aren't bare but you're not sure how to put things you have on hand into a meal that your family will like.

Can you relate?

Food $ense classes are free classes offered all throughout Utah.  Through the program, you can learn how to make tasty, healthy meals from what you have on hand.  You'll also learn how to make quick meals and eat healthier on a budget. We're all about cooking great food and saving as much money as possible.

Eating well doesn't have to be expensive.  Through meal planning, shopping wisely, and knowing the foundations of cooking, you'll be CREATING delicious meals and will start to feel better and healthier!

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While eating processed or fast food is quick and convenient, it's proven to lead to higher risk of many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.  Making the effort to eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and get enough physical activity will lead to a happier, healthier, longer life.  Not to mention fewer medical bills!  Did you know that preventable illness makes up 90% of healthcare costs?

Remember that we either spend some of our time and some money staying well, or we end up spending all of our time and all of our money to get well.  It's worth it to spend more time meal planning and cooking to avoid spending lots of time at doctor's appointments and in hospitals later.

Food $ense has proven to:   

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Increase fruit and vegetable consumption
Decrease unhealthy fat intake
Increase physical activity
Increase family meal time

And lots of other great behaviors that help families and individuals have enough food until the next pay check.  We will teach you to CREATE meals from what you have on hand.  You won't even need a recipe!

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To register for a class, or for more information, email us at utahcountyfoodsense@usu.edu
We offer "Eating Well on a Budget" classes each Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. at the South Franklin Community Center.  We have a new class "Garden to Table" that meets twice a month on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm at South Franklin Community Center.  The first class meets on April 16th.  We also offer other classes at various times in nearby locations.  Whether or not you can attend one of our free classes, we still have more ways to pass on cooking, nutrition, and budgeting tips.

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For now, here's a recipe for a very healthy breakfast or snack.  If you haven't tried spinach in your smoothies, you're in for a treat!  It's a delicious way to eat your greens and get lots of servings of fruits and vegetables in one glass.

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Popeye Smoothie
1 small ripe banana
1 cup frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mango, peaches, pears, or whatever you have)
1 cup (more or less) water, low-fat milk, almond or soy milk
2-3 big handfuls of spinach, kale, and/or chard

Blend the fruits and water or milk, then add the greens until smooth. A small spoonful of frozen orange juice concentrate also overpowers the taste of the greens more.

  We hope to see you soon at a Food $ense class!

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