Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Camp: Teamwork Field Day

Day Campers continued their summer of learning and fun at Tuesday’s combined field day.  The special guest was U.S. Army Lieutenant Dane Sawyer who came to camp to teach about teamwork and discipline.  Lt. Sawyer demonstrated the proper way to do push-ups, and helped the campers understand why discipline and teamwork were important in the Army.  

Following his presentation, the campers split into teams and prepared for a day of field games.

The outdoor portion started with some stretching and instruction, after which the games began! First up was a pushup and situp competition, followed by a relay race, an obstacle course, and a three-legged race.

While the day was exhausting, the campers loved it and repeatedly asked for another day like this in the future.  Thanks to Lt. Sawyer, our staffers, and our volunteers for their help in making this day possible!

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Photos by Mark Hartman

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