Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day Camp: Museum of Peoples and Cultures

With Day Camp coming to a close at the end of this week, the campers had time for one final field trip, this time to the Museum of Peoples and Cultures at BYU.  The museum started as part of BYU’s Department of Archaeology in the 1960s, becoming an official museum in 1981.

Today’s visit began with a lecture by one of the museum staff members about the Fremont people who lived in this part of Utah more than a thousand years ago.  Campers were shown various artifacts, and given a demonstration on telling a story based on archaeological evidence.  After the demonstration, the campers had a chance to put what they had learned to the test.

Outside the museum is a sand pit with buried artifacts.  After a brief safety lecture and some instruction, the campers were let loose to see what they could find.

Once they had discovered their arrowhead and beads, the campers made necklaces from their discoveries.

Thanks to the Museum of Peoples and Cultures staff for a fun and educational trip.  To learn more about the museum, visit their web site.  As always, thanks to Utah Valley Paratransit and our volunteers, without whom these trips would not be possible.

Photos by Mark Hartman

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