Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Camp: Provo Rehab and Nursing

Day Camp ended for the week with the second field trip of the year, a visit to Provo Rehab and Nursing, a 24-hour care facility.  Today’s trip taught the campers about serving others and having fun.

The trip started off with the campers splitting into groups to prepare games to play with the residents in the courtyard of the facility.   Each group was in charge of a specific game, including ring toss, mini golf, and a cupcake walk.  Campers also had a chance to interact on a personal level with the residents, whether it was helping them with the games or just visiting with them.  One resident played a housekeeper in the Sound of Music, the 1965 film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer!

At the end of the visit, the campers and residents thanked each other, and some campers helped the residents back to their rooms.

Thanks to Utah Valley Paratransit for the transportation, to our volunteers for helping with camp, and to Provo Rehab and Nursing for a wonderful visit!  

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Photos by Mark Hartman

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