Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Camp: Provo Library

Day Camp’s educational field trips continued last week with a visit to the Provo Library, specifically the George and Delores Doré Eccles Children’s Library in the Old Wing.  Campers had the opportunity to take a tour of library facilities, learn how to get a library card, and have some fun in the Children’s Program room.

After entering the program room, campers were informed of the goal for the day: build a bobblehead!  For those who aren’t familiar, a bobblehead is a doll with an oversized, moveable head on a spring.  When you tap the head, it “bobbles” back and forth, giving the doll its name.  A traditional bobblehead would be too complicated, so children’s program participants built theirs out of clay and pipe cleaners.

Some campers decided not to make a bobblehead but to let their creativity flow.

Thanks to the Provo Library Children’s Program for letting us visit and to Utah Valley Paratransit for the ride to the library.  As always thanks to our volunteers!

Photos by Mark Hartman

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